Sunday, April 3, 2011

Perfect Date

Blog Challenge Day 3 and Day 10: Perfect Date and Favorite Restaurant

Today's challenge was to write about a perfect first date. Since I'm married, I'm not that interested in first dates, so here are a few of my current favorite dates.

(Blog Challenge Day 10 is a photo of your favorite restaurant, so this blog post is serving double-time with the picture of Empire Brewing Co. below)

Source: Empire Brewing (view)
Source: Flickr (view)
On Saturdays, we love hanging out in downtown Syracuse, going to the record store or out to eat.

Source: Financial Wealth (view)
Yesterday we went out for a jog around the neighborhood.

Source: National Geographic (view)
In the winter, our dates our usually skiing/snowboarding. Our local mountain is not quite as amazing as this one, featured in National Geographic....

Skaneateles Lake, New York
In the summer, we usually relax at the lake.

What does your favorite date look like?


  1. ahh love this post! i have way more perfect dates than crappy ones ;) i think one of my favorites was when my bf (at the time) and i went to charleston on christmas eve - we shopped, ice skated, went to eat and then went and spent the evening with both of our families - it was an entire day just the two of us topped off with family and so much fun!

  2. We don't get to go on dates very often, but this is one of our favorites: