Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation Recap

I've completely neglected my blog for the past few weeks. I've been too busy traveling to think about blogging.

First, Tim and I went to Rhode Island. Vacation highlights included visiting Watch Hill with our friends Dave and Veronica who just moved to Rhode Island.

On the Beach with Dave and Veronica
Watch Hill, RI

Tim and I also went to Newport. We spent the day visiting the Tennis Hall of Fame, touring the Breakers Mansion, and eating dinner at the Black Pearl.

 Last weekend we went to a wedding in Portland, Oregon. It was my first time visiting the Northwest, and I thought it was beautiful. Portland is a really eccentric city. It seems like everyone there is a hipster, even the middle-aged people. The advantages of visiting a hipster city include:

  • Great boutiques
  • Tons of vegetarian options at restaurants
  • Tater tots (for some reason they were on the menu at every restaurant)
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Art - everywhere! Sculptures, Gardens right in the city, and paintings everywhere.
The wedding itself was beautiful. The ceremony was on the lawn of an Italian restaurant on a river. 

Loved the bride's dress!!

I finally got to wear the dress Tim gave me for Christmas!
 Glad to be back on the blog!

Is anyone else going on vacation or to a wedding this summer?