Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can I Keep Him?

Blog Challenge Day 6: An Animal You'd Love to Keep as a Pet

Ever since I was a kid and loved to read Curious George, I have wanted a monkey.
Source: PETA (view)
Since then, I realized that monkeys are rather crazy and messy. But they are still super cool :-)

Now, I would love to have a yorkie.
Source: Yorkshire Terrier Blog (view)
I was actually looking into getting a yorkie, and I found out that they tend to attack small children who crawl on the ground. I know... shocking! How can something so cute attack small children? So, I will need to wait to get a yorkie until later in life.

For now, I have my fish, Strad. He's pretty fantastic.


  1. called the small dog syndrome =)

    monkeys are so cute, have you heard of the slow loris, theres quite a few videos of them on youtube and they're so cute!


  2. Haha I used to want a monkey too! Just because they're always so cute and silly in cartoons... but in real life they are CRAZY!

  3. Oh my goodness, my heart melts just at the sight of that little Yorkie! We used to have one that would get out and run through our neighborhood and I'd always wish I didn't have to take it back home...

  4. oh, god... don't even get me started on yorkies... having one (eventually) is essential to my wellbeing:)))