Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easy Star Weekend

This weekend has been a blast.

We kicked off Friday night by going to the Easy Star All Star Concert. Here's a song for your listening pleasure:

They put on an amazing show. Lots of energy and incredible talent.

After the show, I talked to the band members. They gave me a wrist band and signed my record :-)

Saturday, I went to Mackenzie Childs with my mom and grandmother. Their pottery just makes me happy.

The whole estate is really beautiful. We didn't have time to do the tour... next time....

Photos from Mackenzie Childs (view)


  1. wow!! beautiful pics!! Happy Easter!

  2. So pretty! Where is this place located? It's so whimsical!

  3. It is beautiful!! It's in Aurora, NY, which is also Finger Lakes Wine Country :-) Here's the website, if you are interested!! They have stores in Manhattan and Palm Beach, but everything is made in Aurora, where I visited.

  4. the garden picture is my FAVORITE! Spring/Summer is SOOOO my favorite time of the year!

  5. Nice pics! ^^