Friday, April 8, 2011

Dream Wedding

Blog Challenge Day 7: Your Dream Wedding

I avoided this blog topic yesterday. As I'm already married, it doesn't really make sense. I finally decided to share the parts of my wedding that made it a dream wedding.

The Groom

The Dress

The Other Dress to Dance In

Cutest Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

They are Twins!

Table Numbers Printed on Boxes of Chocolates

Live Music During Dinner

Summer Romance Theme

Candles, Shooting Stars, and Summer Greens on the Tables.
A Station for Making S'Mores

Stargazer Lilies
Cake with Stargazer Lilies and Crystals

A Beautiful Day to Celebrate with My Best Friend


  1. Oh my gosh - the pics are beautiful! I love your dress(es)! My sister is getting married in October, and on her first date with her finace, they made s'mores. She has been wanting to find a fun way to incorporate s'mores into her wedding reception, so I am going to email her the link to this page. She might want to steal your brilliant idea!

  2. your wedding pics are absolutely beautiful! LOVE every single one of the roasting smores idea was so fun! thanks for sharing!

    have a good day!

  3. Your wedding dress is absolutely stunning! I am so having S'Mores at my wedding!

  4. ooh my gosh, thanks for sharing! you looked fantastic, and the lily stargazers are amazing. i never thought of having fondue/marshmellow burners so clever and cute!


  5. (I tried to send this to you via email, but realized it was being sent to "noreply", so I am writing here.)
    Holy cow, you are such a sweetheart. I sent the link to your post to my sister, and within 5 minutes, she wrote back and said, "I have to do that!" I can't believe that you would be so kind as to offer the leftover grills you used. Seriously, that is SO nice of you. I am going to forward the information you sent me to my sister, and if she decides to take you up on your offer, she will cover the cost of shipping and then some. I will be in touch. Thank you SO much!!!

  6. i am obsessed with your smore station!!!

  7. Thanks for all of the comments girls :-)

  8. wow- this absolutely looks like a DREAM wedding!! So beautiful and I love the favors idea!

  9. A s'more station?! Be still my heart!

  10. k, smores at your wedding? that's beyond genius!