Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother-Daughter Day

Mom came over today to play tennis and we hung out all afternoon.

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It was a beautiful day for tennis! Neither of us had played in a really long time. Considering that, we both played really well! I can't wait for the next match :-)

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After tennis, Mom treated me to strawberry dole whip, which is like frozen yogurt, but even healthier I think... We also walked by the swan pond in my town and went to a book sale. 

Mom also dropped off my birthday present from her and my dad- A KITCHENAID MIXER!!! You know I will be baking tomorrow! Stay tuned for some great recipes or send me your favorite muffin, cookie, cupcake, etc. recipes!! I'm so excited! It was such a nice gift, especially since they already threw a birthday party for me! THANKS MOM AND DAD!

I love mother-daughter days. What do you like to do with your mom?


  1. so jealous of your kitchenaid!!! what a fun day with your mom! I love to go shopping with my mom...always the best :) Enjoy your saturday night!

  2. gahhh i'm so jealous, i dream of kitchenaid mixers all the time. Mom and I usually shop together or watch girly movies

  3. The kitchenaid is basically the best present ever, how cool!
    Mom and I usually workout together--or eat!!

  4. OMG! I've wanted a kitchen aid mixer in pink or red for the LONGEST. Even though I don't bake! haha!!

  5. Please share the recipes! I LOVE to bake, so will keep any recipes you divulge here. I love mother/daughter days too. Mine usually consist of going to the beach and having sushi (my mom's new fave food since I introduced her to it). I miss my momma!

  6. What an awesome birthday present! Can't wait to see what things you bake us :)