Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let the Birthday Weekend Begin!

My birthday is on Monday, so I am celebrating all weekend.

Tim is giving me one present every day. Today was the first:

The Social Network
I love this movie :-) I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. People have said that Mark Zuckerberg is made out to be a jerk in this movie. I don't think he is. He comes off as socially complex and ambitious, but not greedy or mean. I also don't think he is guilty of stealing anyone's idea. So much of business is getting there first and marketing your product well. He succeeded at that, the Winkelvii did not. If you've seen this movie, what do you think about the way they portrayed him?

Tim and I are also going to go shopping as part of my present. Hmmm what to buy...

In other news, I went running yesterday and got lost! I ended up running an extra mile, which would be no big deal, but I am not used to that much pavement running yet.

I did get to see some new neighborhoods though :-)

Source: Condotron (view)
When you run in the morning, do you ever see kids walking to school and feel bad for them?

Source: CityofBartlesville (view)
I would not go back to being a kid in school if you paid me. So, I always feel bad for them...

Okay, that's enough blogging for today because it's almost time to go shopping :-)


  1. Enjoy your birthday weekend!

    XO Shar

  2. yay!!! Happy (early) birthday!! I definitely love celebrating mine for about an entire week! haha! I get lost running ALL the time. It is seriously a problem...I gotta work on that :) have a GREAT saturday!

  3. how sweet! sounds like the ultimate gift! happy birthday and hope you enjoyed it!

    btw, i like the new revamp to the page.