Sunday, February 6, 2011

Allie in the City

Great weekend in NYC. Usually when Tim and I go, we have something big planned: Yankee's Game, show, zoo, etc. This time, it was all about relaxing and seeing friends.

After arriving on Friday night, we spent all day Saturday in the city. We hit a few bars for the SU game and time before dinner:
Mikey met up with us at the Blarney Stone.

Brian (hiding) me and Tim

We found this bar called "The Junction" where beer pong is encouraged. 

We went to Rare for dinner. Definitely recommend the 
parmesan truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and waffle fries. 
I got to see LITC at Rare :-)

We went to The Ginger Man after dinner. 
Tried an interesting drink: Hoegaarden and Framboise.

Sunday morning we headed out and stopped to see Heather's new place - Gorgeous. She made us brunch. Bagels, Coffee, Homemade Hummus. Yummmy!

Great trip. Home in time for the superbowl :-)


  1. Next time I have to see more of you guys!!

  2. I agree! Not enough time together... Hopefully we will be back to the city in the next few months!