Sunday, January 30, 2011

Allie in Cali

I went to visit my brother Matt and his beautiful family: wife = Kimber and daughter = Kierra. They are a gorgeous bunch!

We visited Matt at work! I got to see his office and meet his co-workers!
After I arrived on Saturday night, we stayed in a fun hotel, The Bahia Resort. See Sunny in SoCal. Then, on Sunday we went to Sea World. Most of it was a little overwhelming for little Kierra, but she did like the whales.

After going to Sea World, we went to Filippi's Pizza Grotto, which was delish. Kierra tried a lemon. 

We arrived at Matt and Kim's house in 29 Palms, and they have a great place!! Kim has done such a beautiful job of decorating! She is so artistic - great colors, themes, and textures. She needs to come decorate my house :-)

On Monday, I got to meet Lindsey and Morgan. I showed everyone how I make Baked Macaroni and Cheese from the Joy of Cooking Cookbook. I also got to see Morgan's dancing skillz.

Kierra, on the other hand, was too busy playing with Chewie to dance.

On Tuesday, Kim and I had a girl's day, including lunch and pedicures. Our toes were gorgeous.

For dinner that night, Matt's friend Jeff came over, and he was really cool. Kim made the best eggplant parm I've ever had! She is such a great cook and hostess!

At dinner, we all got to see another Kierra Trick.

Wednesday was a Lazy Day. I was really excited to meet two of Kim's friends, Lexi and Ivy. They were really nice girls. We just relaxed and watched Shrek :-)

For dinner, Matt and Kim took me to Appleby's. For dessert, we went to the best frozen yogurt place ever, Utopia Yogurt! When you go there, you take a cup, and it's self serve. You pick from about 12 different kinds of yogurt, and then they have a whole long table of about 40 toppings to choose from. Once you have made your sundae, they just weigh it, and you pay. It was amaaaazingggg.

Thursday was a Sad Day. Matt and Kierra drove me to the airport. The only part of it that was good, was that Matt and I had three hours to chat in the car and catch up. We talked for the whole ride. Clearly he has found a great life out there. I miss him like crazy, but I am so proud of him, and I can't wait to go back soon :-) Thanks Matt and Kim for such a great visit!!!

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  1. Yay! Im glad you had such a great time. We miss you!