Thursday, June 2, 2011

Runner's high... and low

I've always been lucky to be a person who gets a "runner's high." It's a very real thing. Basically running releases endorphins that change your mood, causing a "high." Read all about it in this New York Times article.

Source: Times Union (view)
While I've always experienced a runner's high, I've never experienced a runner's low... until now.

I think it started when I ran 8 on Sunday. It was a tough run in 80 degree heat. For the first time, I started walking at the end of the run. I walked for the last stretch, came home, drank water, and then finished up on the treadmill.

Ever since Sunday, every run has been a struggle. I've felt tired, lacked motivation, and my legs feel heavy when I run.

When I was preparing this blog post this morning, I Googled "tired runner" and discovered this article on runner's low. Here are the signs of a runner's low:

  • Decreased Physical Performance –  yes
  • Heavy Legs – yes
  • Increased Resting Heart Rate – no
  • Increased Susceptibility to Illness – no
  • Chronic Muscle Soreness or Fatigue –no
  • Slower Recovery – no
  • Increased Perceived Exertion – yes
  • Loss of Enthusiasm for Running – yes
  • Change in Sleep Pattern – no
  • Loss of Appetite –yes
So, I'm not sure if this will turn out to be a real runner's low, but it sure feels like it right now!

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Well, I'm off to run 5 this morning. Wish me luck :-)


  1. aha... i had my low not that long ago...

    it goes away:)

  2. yes, I've had it too. Pretty recently with my injury. It happens. If you still feel bad after today, take a few days'll be itching for a run and then you'll hopefully get that high the next time you go out! Good luck!

  3. wow!! I have never heard of that but I definitely think that has been going on with me least last week I was experiencing several of those symptoms. This week I feel re-motivated and it feels good but last week was kind of scary. Thanks for sharing this! I thought I was just crazy last week. haha. Good luck with the 5!!

  4. Good luck, sweetie. My Balazs runs too and Im going to send him that article to read. So interesting. Kisses and hugs and thanks you:)

  5. I always experience the runners low when the temps go up! I just don't do well in the heat, so I have been running in the mornings, but it's still 75 degrees at 6am right now, it's crazy. Don't worry the runner's low will go away, you will get yourself back soon!

  6. I wish I had runners high. I never ever get it which explains why I don't go more often! lol

    <3 Belly B