Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shin Sin

Apparently when your shins start hurting, you should stop running.

The weather finally got nice this week -60 degrees. I was thrilled to run outside.

Source: Science Daily (view)
I was so happy to get out in the sun, listen to Sublime albums on my iPod, and get back on my usual running route through the neighborhood.

It was so nice out, that I chose to ignore the shin pain, which I knew could be the start of the dreaded shin splints.
Source: SportsMD (view)

After my run yesterday, I could barely walk. Now, no more running. Just ice, rest, and stretches. Ugh!


  1. Oh no! Poor shins!! Lucky for my shins, I hate running :) Haha!

  2. isn't that the worst?! i just hate it. but i love running! so happy to have found your cute blog today :)

  3. bummer :( i hate those - especially when it's so nice out and you just want to run! wishing you well wishes!