Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Thumb

For some reason, the previous owners of our condo planted garlic chives in the garden. I can't imagine why anyone would do that. The garden area is located near our back door, and it was completely overgrown with this:

Now, I am not a gardner, I don't have a green thumb, and when people give me plants, I tend to forget about them until they die. The chives, though, needed to go. It looked like a jungle behind our house. I went to the garden store, and bought pansies, and a Rose of Sharon, which will look like this when it grows: 

After buying the plants, I returned home to attack the chives. Since I'm not a gardener, I don't own any gardening tools. So, I tried to rip out the chives with my bare hands. It was ROUGH, but I did it. My hands still smell like chives. It's disgusting. 

Once the chives were gone, I covered the area in white stone:

I still need to plant the pink Rose of Sharon, but the pansies are all set:

I plan to buy more brightly colored pots and put flowers in them.

After I finished I was ready to relax with a glass of wine!

Does anyone else have a garden?

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  1. Oh man sometimes I wish I had a green thumb, but I was soooo born with a black thumb. My neighbors have the prettiest flowers and plants in their backyard and my backyard is super bare. But I have no idea what to do or where to begin with gardening lol